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Reduce costs and time spent developing new drugs

• The astronomical scale at which dozens or hundreds of amino acids and each pair of amino acids can interact with one another within the protein can be calculated in hours.

• Excessive exploration costs, trial and error, and reduced manpower waste during the discovery and preclinical experiments of candidate materials



High Value Added

• New drug development is a high profit-generating industry, profits are twice that of the general manufacturing industry, and economic ripple effects are three times that of generated sales.

•Global markets, especially exports to Europe and the U.S.

Revitalizing the New Drug Development Economy

• Increase the probability of success by activating new drug development and reducing the speed of development due to shorter time for new drug development.

Expectation of drug price reduction due to time reduction
in new drug development costs

• Expect to reduce drug price by reducing time and cost of developing existing new drugs by one-tenth



• There is a shortage of AI experts who are fully aware of the process of developing new drugs, world widely.

• Creating virtuous cycle jobs by supplying high value-added platforms

• Contribute to human health through the overall innovation of the new drug development process

Economic virtuous cycle due to training of professionals
in related fields and job creation

Through innovative new drug development,
we will lead to a healthier world.

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